If you’re unsure about using contact lenses, trial them for free

Did you know that contact lenses offer a wider field of vision than spectacles? They also guarantee the same crystal clear vision. So if you’re bad at remembering your glasses, are always losing them, or simply can’t get along with them, contact lenses are a fantastic alternative. Visit us instore at the best local opticians for contact lenses today to find out more!

Contact lenses are more popular today than they’ve ever been. Various different options are available, and children as young as eight can even be fitted for use.
Daily disposable lenses are the most commonly used type of contact lens. They’re simply worn for the day before being discarded once they’ve been removed. If you’d prefer something more permanent, there are lenses that can be re-used for a number of months.

Contact lenses are easily inserted and removed from the eye. If you have any concerns however, the the team of optical experts at Averns & Sandall will provide you with lots of tips and information for safe use.
If you like the sound of contact lenses but are unsure about using them, we offer a free trial period. Should you then decide that you wish to continue using contact lenses, a standing order agreement can be easily arranged.
It’s important to remember that all contact lenses require a certain degree of care. Re-useable options need to be extremely well looked after to prevent infection.


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