Our Eye Examination Process

You want to be treated as an individual by your optician, not as another number. At Averns & Sandall we appreciate that your needs may vary greatly from those of the person we treated before you. We tailor every eye exam to ensure that your requirements are met, and you leave our practice 100% satisfied with the service you have received.

When you come to have your eyes examined at our practice, the first thing you can look forward to is a warm and friendly greeting. We pride ourselves on our informal approach to dealing with our patients, so once you’re ready, we’ll begin.

While you relax, you will be asked to answer a short questionnaire regarding your eye and general health. This is a non-invasive exercise that simply allows your optician to deliver to you a thorough examination, tailored to your needs.

You will most likely see the same optician each time you visit Averns & Sandall. We feel that the best way you can grow to trust your optical expert is by seeing them regularly. That way, they can get to know you as a person, as well as your optical history.


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Why Visit Averns & Sandall For Your Eye Test?

At Averns & Sandall we regularly invest in the latest machinery to test eyes. The most up-to-date advanced cameras are used to take images of your eye. These photographs allow us a closer look at the parts of your eye that can’t be seen, and therefore enable us to ensure you accurate results.

When your test is complete you will have plenty of time to speak to your optician. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss any findings from your exam, or any queries you may have.

Once you are finished with your optician, you will be handed to one of our highly experience dispensing opticians who will speak to you about eye wear, should you need it. They will show you our extensive range of over 1000 frames, as well as discuss the benefits of contact lenses with you.


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A summary of common eye conditions

Short Sightedness (Myopia) – This is when images are focused in front of the retina instead of on it, which makes distant objects appear blurry.

Long Sightedness (Hyperopia) – Hyperopia is the opposite of myopia; the eye focuses images slightly behind the retina. Distance vision can be blurred, and as an object moves towards you, the more your vision will blur.

Astigmatism – The cornea of the eye is usually spherical. If it resembles a rugby ball shape instead, you have astigmatism.

Presbyopia – This condition is associated with ageing, as the near focusing power of the eye decreases throughout life. It causes blurred vision at reading distance and causes an insufficient focusing power for other near distance tasks.

Glaucoma – Glaucoma develops when increased fluid pressure builds up inside the eye. The increased pressure can damage the optic nerve and over time cause loss of vision.

Cataracts – A cataract is the clouding of a normally clear lens. Images can become dull and blurred as a cataract grows and over time sight becomes worse.

Macular Degeneration (MD) – MD occurs when the central part of the retina, the macula, degenerates. There are two types of MD – the dry form and the wet form.

Have your child’s eyes examined somewhere fun, as well as professional

Did you know that you should be having your child’s eyes examined from when they’re a baby? It doesn’t matter that they can’t read; the muscles controlling their eyes can be monitored to ensure they’re working correctly.
The majority of eye conditions don’t have any symptoms, so your child can’t always tell you when they’re suffering. You should have your child’s eyes examined every 18 months to check for any developing problems that could be potentially harmful.

We appreciate that having an eye examination isn’t the most exciting experience for a child. We’ve done everything we can to make your little one’s time with us at Averns & Sandall as fun as possible.
While you’re waiting to take your child into the test room, there is a small play area to keep them entertained; the real fun begins when they have their eyes tested.

At Averns & Sandall your child’s sight is in the best hands because our optician specialises in working with children’s eye health.
Your little one’s vision will be thoroughly examined by a friendly and approachable optician. Their test will be conducted using a combination of specialist techniques, equipment and interactive testing to keep them focused and interested throughout their examination.
You will have plenty of opportunity to speak to the optician about any findings or queries you may have. You will then be handed over to a knowledgeable dispensing optician.

If your child needs eyewear, our dispensing optician has a wealth of experience when it comes to fitting children with glasses. We also have an impressive range of spectacles for youngsters at Averns & Sandall. Rest assured that your child will leave our practice confident and happy in their new eyewear.


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